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Tim Campbell, PhD

Global Fellow, Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars

Consultant, Urban Studies and Planning

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Beyond Smart Cities: How Cities Network, Learn and Innovate  London: Routledge/Earthscan.

To really achieve smart cities — that is to create the conditions of continuous learning and innovation — we need to understand the mechanisms below the surface which affect the way cities learn.

​The Quiet Revolution​. Decentralization and the Rise of Political Participation in Latin American Cities 2012. (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press)

​As if by unseen signal toward the end of the 1980s, many Latin American governments suddenly transferred money and decision-making power to local municipalities. At the same time, national authorities allowed local governments to choose their leaders in free and open elections. The resulting revolution has been profound in its reach and stunning in the silent shift of power from central to local authorities.

Leadership and Innovation in Subnational Governments. Washington, DC:  World Bank. Edt. with Harald Fuhr



One of the most striking features exhibited by the cases in this volume is that local authorities have been change makers often without help from outside, either from national or international agencies